8889051216 / (888) 905-1216 / +1 888-905-1216 / +18889051216 19
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They called me 14 times in one day. I called back and they said they are DirecTV and want to give me a $50.00 gift card if I bundle my existing service with AT&T. They wanted my checking account number or credit card to set up direct payment. When I told them I am not feeling well and not interested and to put me on their "do not call list" the girl, Jennifer actually mocked me about not feeling well. I called back and the same girl was now Nancy. I called back and got a David and a Jason and Dexter. David's English was so poor that I did not understand a word he said. Jason told me his employee number is 11111111111111 and then laughed and hung up on me. Dexter told me to have a blessed and beautiful day. The reason I wasted so much time with them is because when you call back you get a professional prompting system that actually sounds like it is DirecTV and/or AT&T. and for those wondering why I did not block them, I did try repeatedly, but my actual blocking device will not block their number and I do not know why.
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