(917) 460-0044
(202) 573-8659
1 This is a pre recorded line claiming to be IRS Criminal Investigations. From the sounds of the recording, I believe this is one of those fake IRS scams claiming you underpaid on your taxes, and that ...
(575) 221-5041
1 The call was from Police Alliance and asked for financial. They didn't say donation. They said they'd send me a pledge card yet still wanted by credit or debit card number. I found on line that there ...
(724) 317-0269
3 No idea who it is
(724) 317-0269
3 A caller keeps calling my number, dies not need a message. Who is it?
(866) 994-7314
1 Man has called 6 or 7 times in one night. Says his name is Sam Smith from Premium Online support. Says my husband used them November 24, 2017. Says we owe them $600 and if we don't cancel service we w...
(850) 390-4653
1 microsoft
(330) 422-4259
1 Disability benefits
(325) 244-0316
1 Very rude called early this morning and ask for a certain person then ask me if I knew them I said I know 5 or 6 of them and I said how did you get my number and whom are they what's the problem they...
(918) 890-0227
2 Block number it's a scam
(918) 890-0227
(877) 474-1034
1 Scam security red flag recorded call.
(480) 351-6614
1 no message
(425) 999-4506
1 Extremely rude constant harrasment for the last 5 years. Wants someone named Austin Johnson. If this [email protected]$%# would present the opportunity I would happily slap the s__t out of his [email protected]$%# mouth. Another p...
(646) 979-9161
1 he was trying to blackmail me with private pics to send to Facebook friends
(202) 922-3193
1 SCAM do not answer this call! They say they are from social security administration, us treasury department, district attorney office. Kevin Hughes, Dana Hampton, Gayle stone, Ryan Patrick are nam...
(619) 373-8431
1 Scammers
(321) 985-3477
1 Patrick George scammer!!!
(973) 826-2073
1 Don't ever trust this Guy, yes he is Chris H and offers part time data entry job, work from home on WhatsApp. He will send you his I.d. card of carphone warehouse. He will send you some fake data and ...
(614) 835-5157
1 No information