(626) 646-1030
1 Man called asking for info of a certain individual. I believe this may be a collection company.
(667) 400-3978
1 Calls 3 or more times daily, no one there, suspected scam/fraud.
(831) 508-1476
1 Didn't answer. ..** message.. Now blockked
(866) 974-5199
1 I havent got names or info
(888) 422-5654
1 robocaller knew my full name?
(888) 740-8728
1 They called me from private number told me they need to serve me papers..I said for what..they gave me 888-740-8728 to check...so I called it the guy who answered sounded like the same guy who called ...
(520) 220-5117
1 unknown
(804) 533-1170
1 Harressment
(843) 233-9521
1 This is a robo call from "Jessica" re medical alert system. "She" calls me several times a day from a variety of numbers. Very annoying.
(833) 391-3770
1 "Important message from ssa. Before this goes to the state court house and you be arrested for fraud plz call the number" CALLER ID: 8333913770
(649) 243-3648
1 Called several times, hangs up,
(647) 556-5814
1 من هذا الشخص وماذا يعمل
(704) 284-5026
1 scammer
(437) 236-2472
2 Tax fraud
(256) 800-2030
1 Caller stated he was with VT support and he was calling about my Mac com#[email protected]%r being hacked. I do not have a Mac com#[email protected]%r
(213) 500-1084
1 Scammer
(437) 236-2472
2 Spam call. Told me I was wanted on federal offences and to call back immediately. Hung up when asked who they were
(312) 757-6193
1 No being used by fraudster who claims to be Lee Wei or Li Wei.. goes by variuos names and uses other numbers too.... +447871427196, +447418434735, +447451201625. This guy gets on touch via facebook, ...
(818) 309-1737
1 on my readout it said "inmate call"....that's [email protected]%!$# is this world #@%$!ed it or not ....the fear!!!!! it's so #@%$!ing stupid, this capitalist world #@%$!ing !%#@$s...**, me, me, me, me, I'm sic...
(833) 258-3538
1 Spam number. Told me if I don't contact them back they will "have to take leg wa l action under your name".